Total Commander 8.5

Total Commander is a shareware Orthodox File Manager (OFM) for Windows. It comes with features such as a built-in FTP client, tabbed interface, file compare, archive file navigation, and a versatile multi-rename tool with regular expression support.

Total Commander was first released on September 25, 1993.

The program comes with a 30 days trial period, but it retains full functionality even after the trial period expires, though the user is reminded to register the program every time it starts.


Total Commander Total Commander Configuration


PackAlt + F5
Unpack Specific FilesAlt + F9
Test Archive(s)Alt + Shift + F9
PropertiesAlt + Enter
Calculate Occupied SpaceCtrl + L
Multi-Rename ToolCtrl + M
Edit CommentCtrl + Z
File ContentsCtrl + F9
QuitAlt + F4
Select GroupNum +
Unselect GroupNum -
Select AllCtrl + Num +
Unselect AllCtrl + Num -
Invert SelectionNum *
Select All With Same ExtensionAlt + Num +
Restore SelectionNum /
Compare DirectoriesShift + F2
CD TreeAlt + F10
SearchAlt + F7
Search in separate ProcessAlt + Shift + F7
Directory HotlistCtrl + D
Go BackAlt + Left arrow
Branch ViewCtrl + B
Switch Source and TargetCtrl + U
FTP ConnectCtrl + F
FTP New ConnectionCtrl + N
FTP DisconnectCtrl + Shift + F
BriefCtrl + F1
FullCtrl + F2
CommentsCtrl + Shift + F2
Custom Columns ModeShift + F1
TreeCtrl + F8
Separate TreeCtrl + Shift + F8
Thumbnail ViewCtrl + Shift + F1
Quick View PanelCtrl + Q
New Folder TabCtrl + T
All FilesCtrl + F10
ProgramsCtrl + F11
CustomCtrl + F12
NameCtrl + F3
ExtensionCtrl + F4
TimeCtrl + F5
SizeCtrl + F6
UnsortedCtrl + F7
Reread SourceCtrl + R
Function Keys
Reread Source WindowF2
List filesF3
Edit filesF4
Copy filesF5
Rename or move filesF6
Create DirectoryF7
Delete files to Recycle BinF8
Activate menu above source windowF9
Activate left menu or deactivate menuF10
Change Left/Right DriveAlt + F1/F2
Use Internal/External ViewerAlt + F3
Start ListerAlt + Shift + F3
Move to ArchiveAlt + Shift + F5
Open Command Line HistoryAlt + F8
Open Left/Right Current Directory BarAlt + F11/F12
Fucus Button barAlt + Shift + F11
Create New Text file and LoadShift + F4
Copy file(s) in same directoryShift + F5
Create Shortcuts of Select File(s)Shift + Ctrl + F5
Rename Files in Same DirectoryShift + F6
Show Context MenuShift + F10
Minimize Total CommanderShift + Esc
Jump to Root DirectoryCtrl + \

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Last Verified

Total Commander 8.50 beta

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