Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a rich, timeline-based video editing software that can be easily used by both beginners and professionals. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, a suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications developed by Adobe Systems.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite was launched on June 17, 2013.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Windows


Here are the complete keyboard shortcuts list for Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Windows:

Project/ProductionCtrl + Alt + N
SequenceCtrl + N
TitleCtrl + T
Open Project/ProductionCtrl + O
Browse in Adobe BridgeCtrl + Alt + O
Close ProjectCtrl + Shift + W
CloseCtrl + W
SaveCtrl + S
Save AsCtrl + Shift + S
Save a CopyCtrl + Alt + S
Batch CaptureF6
Import from Media BrowserCtrl + Alt + I
ImportCtrl + I
Export MediaCtrl + M
Get Properties for SelectionCtrl + Shift +H
ExitCtrl + Q
Ripple DeleteShift + Delete
DuplicateCtrl + Shift + /
Edit OriginalCtrl + E
Make SubclipCtrl + U
Audio ChannelsShift + G
Speed/DurationCtrl + R
Insert, (comma)
Overwrite` (backtick)
EnableShift + E
LinkCtrl + I
GroupCtrl + G
UngroupCtrl + Shift + G
Render Effects in Work
Area/In to Out
Match FrameF
Add EditCtrl + K
Add Edit to All TracksCtrl + Shift + K
Trim EditT
Extend Selected Edit to
Apply Video TransitionCtrl + D
Apply Audio TransitionCtrl + Shift + D
Apply Default Transitions
to Selection
Shift + D
Lift; (semi-colon)
Extract' (single-quote)
Zoom In!ERROR! undefined variable 'equal'
Zoom Out- (minus)
Go to Gap: Next in SequenceShift + ;
Go to Gap: Previous in SequenceCtrl + Shift + ;
Mark InI
Mark OutO
Mark ClipX
Mark Selection/
Go to InShift + I
Go to OutShift + O
Clear InCtrl + Shift + I
Clear OutCtrl + Shift + O
Clear In and OutCtrl + Shift + X
Add MarkerM
Go to Next MarkerShift + M
Go to Previous MarkerCtrl + Shift + M
Clear Current MarkerCtrl + Alt + M
Clear All MarkersCtrl + Shift + Alt + M
Type Alignment: LeftCtrl + Shift + L
Type Alignment: CenterCtrl + Shift + C
Type Alignment: RightCtrl + Shift + R
Tab StopsCtrl + Shift + T
TemplatesCtrl + J
Select Next Object AboveCtrl + Alt + ]
Select Next Object BelowCtrl + Alt + [
Bring to FrontCtrl + Shift + ]
Bring ForwardCtrl + ]
Send to BackCtrl + Shift + [
Send BackwardCtrl + [
Reset Current WorkspaceAlt + Shift + 0
ProjectShift + 1
Source MonitorShift + 2
TimelinesShift + 3
Program MonitorShift + 4
Effect ControlsShift + 5
Audio Track MixerShift + 6
EffectsShift + 7
Media BrowserShift + 8
Audio Clip MixerShift + 9
Open HelpF1
Clear Poster FrameCtrl + Shift + P
Cut to Camera 1 ... 8Ctrl + 1 ... 8
Decrease Clip Volume[
Decrease Clip Volume ManyShift + [
Expand All TracksShift + =
Export FrameCtrl + Shift + E
Extend Next Edit To PlayheadShift + W
Extend Previous Edit To PlayheadShift + Q
Audio Mixer Panel Menu: Show/Hide TracksCtrl + Alt + T
Audio Mixer Panel Menu: LoopCtrl + L
Audio Mixer Panel Menu: Meter Input(s) OnlyCtrl + Shift + L
Capture Panel: Record VideoV
Capture Panel: Record AudioA
Fast ForwardF
Go to In pointQ
Go to Out pointW
Step BackLeft arrow
Step ForwardRight arrow
Remove Selected EffectBackspace
New Custom BinCtrl + /
Delete Custom ItemBackspace
History Panel Menu: Step BackwardLeft arrow
History Panel Menu: Step ForwardRight arrow
Open in Source MonitorShift + O
Parent DirectoryCtrl + Up arrow
Select Directory ListShift + Left arrow
Select Media ListShift + Right arrow
LoopCtrl + L
Go to Next Edit PointDown arrow
Go to Previous Edit PointUp arrow
Play/Stop ToggleSpacebar
Record On/Off Toggle0
Step BackLeft arrow
Step ForwardRight arrow
LoopCtrl + L
Selection ToolV
Track Select ToolA
Ripple Edit ToolB
Rolling Edit ToolN
Rate Stretch ToolR
Razor ToolC
Slip ToolY
Slide ToolU
Pen ToolP
Hand ToolH
Zoom ToolZ
Go to Next Edit PointDown arrow
Go to Next Edit Point on Any TrackShift + Down arrow
Go to Previous Edit PointUp arrow
Go to Previous Edit Point on Any TrackShift + Up arrow
Go to Selected Clip EndShift + End
Go to Selected Clip StartShift + Home
Go to Sequence-Clip EndEnd
Go to Sequence-Clip StartHome
Increase Clip Volume]
Increase Clip Volume ManyShift + ]
Maximize or Restore Active FrameShift + `
Maximize or Restore Frame Under Cursor`
Minimize All TracksShift + -
Play AroundShift + K
Play In to OutCtrl + Shift + Space
Play In to Out with Preroll/PostrollShift + Space
Play from Playhead to Out PointCtrl + Space
Play-Stop ToggleSpace
Reveal Nested SequenceCtrl + Shift + F
Ripple Trim Next Edit To PlayheadW
Ripple Trim Previous Edit To PlayheadQ
Select Camera 1...91...9
Select Find BoxShift + F
Select Clip at PlayheadD
Select Next ClipCtrl + Down arrow
Select Next PanelCtrl + Shift + .
Select Previous ClipCtrl + Up arrow
Select Previous PanelCtrl + Shift + ,
Set Poster FrameShift + P
Shuttle LeftJ
Shuttle RightL
Shuttle Slow LeftShift + J
Shuttle Slow RightShift + L
Shuttle StopK
Step BackLeft
Step Back Five Frames - UnitsShift + Left
Step ForwardRight
Step Forward Five Frames - UnitsShift + Right
Toggle All Audio TargetsCtrl + 9
Toggle All Source AudioCtrl + Alt + 9
Toggle All Source VideoCtrl + Alt + 0
Toggle All Video TargetsCtrl + 0
Toggle Audio During ScrubbingShift + S
Toggle Control Surface Clip Mixer ModeCtrl + `
Toggle Full ScreenShift + 0
Toggle Multi-Camera ViewShift + T
Toggle Trim TypeCtrl + Left arrow
Trim BackwardCtrl + Shift + Left arrow
Trim Backward ManyCtrl + Shift + Right arrow
Trim ForwardCtrl + Alt + W
Trim Forward ManyCtrl + Shift + Right arrow
Trim Next Edit to PlayheadCtrl + Alt + W
Trim Previous Edit to PlayheadCtrl + Alt + Q
Project Panel
Workspace 1...9Alt + Shift + 1 ... 9
Zoom to Sequence\
Extend Selection UpShift + Up arrow
Move Selection Up/DownUp/Down arrow
Move Selection EndEnd
Move Selection HomeHome
Move Selection Left/RightLeft/Right arrow
Move Selection Page DownPage Down
Move Selection Page UpPage Up
Next Column FieldTab
Previous Column FieldShift + Tab
Next Row FieldEnter
Previous Row FieldShift + Enter
Open in Source MonitorShift + O
Thumbnail Size Next/PreviousShift + ] / [
Toggle ViewShift + \
Timeline Panel
Add Clip MarkerCtrl + 1
Clear SelectionBackspace
Increase/Decrease Audio Tracks HeightAlt + = (equal)/ - (minus)
Increase/Decrease Video Tracks HeightCtrl + = (equal)/ - (minus)
Nudge Clip Selection Right/Left One FrameAlt + Right/Left arrow
Nudge Clip Selection Right/Left Five FramesAlt + Shift + Right/Left arrow
Ripple DeleteAlt + Backspace
Set Work Area Bar In/Out PointAlt + [ / ]
Show Next/Previous ScreenPage Down/Page Up
Slide Clip Selection Right/Left One FrameAlt + . (period) / , (comma)
Slide Clip Selection Right/Left Five FramesAlt + Shift + . (period) / , (comma)
Slip Clip Selection Right/Left One FrameCtrl + Alt + Right/Left arrow
Slip Clip Selection Right/Left Five FramesCtrl + Alt + Shift + Right/Left arrow
Arc ToolA
BoldCtrl + B
Increase/Decrease Kerning by One UnitAlt + Right/Left arrow
Increase/Decrease Kerning by Five UnitAlt + Shift + Right/Left arrow
Increase/Decrease Leading by One UnitsAlt + Up/Down arrow
Increase/Decrease Leading by Five UnitsAlt + Shift + Up/Down arrow
Increase/Decrease Text Size by One PointsCtrl + Alt + Right/Left arrow
Increase/Decrease Text Size by Five PointsCtrl + Alt + Shift + Right/Left arrow
Ellipse ToolE
Insert Copyright SymbolCtrl + Alt + Shift + C
Insert Registered SymbolCtrl + Alt + Shift + R
ItalicCtrl + I
Line ToolL
Nudge Selected Object Up/Down by One PixelUp/Down arrow
Nudge Selected Object Up/Down by Five PixelsShift + Up/Down arrow
Nudge Selected Object Right/Left by One PixelRight/Left arrow
Nudge Selected Object Right/Left by Five PixelsShift + Right/Left arrow
Pen ToolP
Position Object(s) to Top/Bottom/Left Title Safe MarginCtrl +Shift + O/D/F
Rectangle ToolR
Rotation ToolO
Selection ToolV
Type ToolT
UnderlineCtrl + U
Vertical Type ToolC
Wedge ToolW
Trim Monitor Panel
Focus Both Outgoing and IncomingAlt + 1
Focus on Outgoing SideAlt + 2
Focus on Incoming SideAlt + 3
LoopCtrl + L
Trim Forward/Backward by One FrameAlt + Right/Left arrow
Trim Forward/Backward by Large Trim OffsetAlt + Shift + Right/Left arrow

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